Smart Chicks

Devon points out a question by Joel Engel:
“With the Dixie Chicks posing nude on a magazine cover to atone for their intemperate remarks, don’t we wish that Shania Twain had opened her mouth instead?”
and adds:
“Yeah! What did she think about the war? Maybe she should do a nude magazine cover as a pre-emptive strike! And now that you mention it, what was Jennifer Garner’s position on the war? Or Famke Janssen’s? Why hasn’t the press covered this?”
Well, I can’t help you there, but I can do you one better: how about the Republican Babe of the Week?
Sarah Michelle Gellar is this week’s pick, so how bad could it be? Sure, I’d rather have it be a little broader than ‘Republican’ : Anti-Idiotarian Babe of the Week, perhaps? (Michele: Next project ? ) But I’ll take what I can get.
Smart, beautiful women. Mmmmmm… yummy…