All better now

…although I should know better than to say that, given how things have been going around here lately.
OK, this morning’s scans completed successfully, and things appear to be functioning normally. Here’s what happened, best as I can tell:
– Last week, I had a database corruption issue, which caused me to have to drop and re-add a key table of the Ecosystem. When I did that, I forgot to re-add the indexes on the table.
– This caused the Ecosystem routines to hammer the database, and the Hosting Matters server. Apparently, HM decided to put a job in place to kill my processes. They did not, however, decide to actually notify me of this.
– I’ve now fixed the indexing problem, which hopefully will resolve the resource-usage problem for HM. I’ve emphasized to HM that I do want to be a good citizen, and am perfectly willing to work with them to not put an unreasonable load on their systems.
So was this one my fault, or Hosting Matters fault? A little of both, would be my conclusion.
Anyway, that’s the story for now; hopefully this is the end of the troubles for a while….