Tracking the Great Blogwar

I mostly find silliness to be a distraction from the real business of blogging — which I vaguely remember as having something to do with actually writing stuff other people want to read. (Or was it posting nekkid pictures of yourself or, even better, of more attractive people? I always forget).
But hey, I enjoy a challenge, and I was bored. So for those of you who want to keep track of the great blogwar, here’s a scorecard for you.
It feeds directly from Ecosystem scans, and yes, it will update daily. To summarize, the Alliance can rightfully claim to have already surpassed Glenn in total inbound links (not surprising, given the link sluttage known to be common among that group). But in the far more significant metric of average daily visits, Instapundit reigns over all, as the graph to the right shows.
Now, admittedly, I’ve only got statistics from those Alliance weblogs that use public SiteMeter counters — but about half of them do, and so it appears that Frank‘s minions have quite a bit of work to do before Glenn needs to truly start worrying.
I’ll remain neutral in this particular conflict for now, pending suitable incentives from one side or another — simply consider me your humble war correspondent, observing from the sidelines…