Final Showcase Results

The final results are confirmed: King of Fool’s post Caucasian Club has won the Showcase, and the Blogger Alliance has defeated the Axis of Naughty for the third week running.
Alliance voting statistics were as follows:
Blogger Alliance: 32 of 75 = 42.7 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 9 of 24 = 37.5 % participation
Full Showcase voting results:
King of Fools: Caucasian Club
( 44 links)
Tom’s Nap Room: I hate cruelty to animals
( 21 links)
Simon world: Big Bad Bill
( 9 links)
citizen lehew: Who Ate My Democracy?
( 8 links)
Patriot Paradox: The Death of Holly Patterson: RU-486 Claims Another Victim
( 4 links)
Random Fate: Good advice
( 3 links)
The Populist: Reaganomics at War
( 2 links)
Freedom In Iran: Freedom In Iran
( 2 links)
Economists for Dean: Welcome to Economists for Dean!
( 1 links)