Preliminary Showcase Results: 11/03/03

It has been a tight race this week for the Showcase, but with Monday morning upon us, Peripheral Mind‘s post Legalizing Illegals is in the lead with 34 links. Not too far behind is ink from the squid, garnering 29 links for investing in the future.
On the alliance front, the Liberal juggernaut appears unstoppable, at least for the moment, with the League holding a solid lead over the Axis and Alliance:
Blogger Alliance: 42 of 89 = 47.2 %
Axis of Naughty: 4 of 24 = 16.7 %
League of Liberals: 24 of 33 = 72.7 %
Feedback / complaints / challenges to these results will be accepted until 5pm PST, after which the results will be certified as final. Thanks to everyone who participated this week!
Complete results are as follows:
Peripheral Mind: Legalizing Illegals
( 34 links)
ink from the squid: investing in the future
( 29 links)
LGF Watch: LGF hypocrisy: Advocating Murder
( 17 links)
the evangelical outpost: The Perfect Post
( 17 links)
Earthly Passions: Bare Faced Betrayal
( 17 links)
Bsurot Tovot: Our Mission
( 14 links) Dow 10000, Psychology, and the ECMH
( 13 links)
Dipped in Chocolate The World of Revog: Compliments Wanted
( 12 links)
Electronic Countermeasures: Everyone’s from somewhere.
( 8 links)
Rick’s Cafe Americain: Bush & Baghdad Bob: Bosom Buddies?
( 5 links)
FattySue!: Beautiful Fatty
( 5 links)
SchoolView: What Do They Spend It On?
( 5 links)
My Worst Foot Forward: wait. wait. don’t tell me.
( 5 links)
( 4 links)
Spero Speaks: Online Rankings of the Candidates
( 3 links)
Days Go By: I Never
( 3 links)
BoiFromTroy: Heisman Hopeful?!?
( 3 links)
I’ll Talk to Myself: Handbags & Bloodrags
( 3 links)