Preliminary Results 11/10/03

In this first week of the dual-category Showcase, Rocket Penguin looks to be the front-runner for the non-political category with the post Who Da Pope?, while in the political contest, Clareified brought it on with Death By Invitation.
Now, as Clareified is a liberal, and I’m a warmongering, biased conservative, I will of course immediately disqualify Clareified, and anybody who looks like Clareified, from the contest.
Ahem. Or not.
Both winners are tentative until after 5pm today; feedback/comments/complaints will be heard until then. But for now, a tentative congratulations to both!
And oh, yeah: the League is clearly slacking, ’cause they had a whole two members fail to vote this week, managing only to deliver a measly 43 of 45 for 95.6 % participation in the Showcase sponsorship contest.
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Blog alliances:
Alliance of Free Blogs: 34 of 91 = 37.4 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 3 of 23 = 13.0 % participation
League of Liberals: 43 of 45 = 95.6 % participation
Rocket Penguin: Who Da Pope?
( 24 links)
Project Trinity: I-I, SDi, Neurotechnology: Project Trinity 101
( 22 links)
Mr_Cranky: A Halloween Story
( 18 links)
Stu’s Rants: stu’s easy guide to rock stardom
( 9 links)
coolmel’s iBlog: iBlog: Integral Blogging with Passion and Compassion
( 3 links)
AllGuinness: Commander Plaza Romantically Linked To Uma Thurman
( 2 links)
Ghostwriter Ramblings: Nocturnal Muse
( 1 links)

Clareified: Death By Invitation
( 55 links)
Semi-Intelligent Thoughts: No Offense
( 28 links)
Patriot Paradox: I Pray Daily. Am I an Extremist?
( 14 links)
Trials and Travails of a Mayor: A short rational explanation of why I would do this.
( 5 links)
thi3rdeye: thi3rdeye
( 0 links)
The Island of Balta: On Flat Taxes
( 0 links)