Corn Nuts!

How is the Hollywood Left like Heathers? N. Y. Daily News gossip Lloyd Grove went the extra mile Tuesday to basically prove that prominent Hollywood liberal activist Laurie David didn’t, in an email, call her anti-Republican gathering of last night a “Hate Bush” event. But what about what David apparently did call it: “A Mandatory Meeting to Change the Leadership in America in 2004”? Isn’t that a bit revealing in itself? “Mandatory”? I know it’s partly a joke, But it’s also partly not a joke, demonstrating the ways in which the Hollywood Left is like the in-crowd at a big high school–uninformed, herd-like, needing direction from the coolest and most powerful girl in the class. What’s David going to do to those who don’t show? Make them sit at the geeks’ table in the cafeteria?
If we’re doing Heathers — and I agree the analogy is apt — I’ll leave it to Mickey to decide if Ms. David qualifies as a proper Winona Rider stand-in. But who’s going to play Christian Slater for the Dems? Howard Dean? Come on.
“Governor, I knew Christian Slater. Christian Slater was a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no Christian Slater.”
Granted, Dean does have some of the same slightly maniacal, proto-Nicholsonian wigginess that Slater displayed before he flamed out into obscurity, so maybe the comparison isn’t all that far off…