Liberal Coalition Launches

Please welcome the Coalition to the blog alliance neighborhood:

The Liberal Coalition is a new blogger alliance founded to raise the visibility of left-leaning blogs in the Ecosystem and help enhance the liberal/progressive message in the blogosphere.

Founded by NTodd, formerly of the League, the Coalition plans to join the sponsorship contest for the New Weblog Showcase and seeks to promote their members work and ideas, but they have also pledged:
Our alliance is dedicated to the written rules and unwritten spirit of the TTLB Ecosystem, which means no member will engage in any activity that will artificially inflate individual or alliance rankings based on links or traffic (e.g., massive multilinking, multiple Site Meter counters, etc). We recognize that the TTLB ranking system is just a game, but all games have rules, and circumventing, bending or abusing those rules makes the game no fun for anybody.
Bless their little hearts.
One point I do need to make a judgment call on, though: what should the minimum membership requirement be for an alliance to join the contest? It has to be something, as if there is no requirement tiny mini-alliances would be able to sweep the contest every time (given that it is done by percentage of voting members).
I’m tentatively saying 15 members should be a reasonable minimum, but I’m open to feedback.