Saddam Captured Alive: Weblog Reactions

Saddam Hussein has been captured in Iraq. I’m still waking up and not suitable for rational commentary yet, other than a simple “YES!” when I heard the news. So here’s a quick roundup of the word around the blogosphere, by vague sure-to-be-argued with groupings:
(Update 12/16/03: OK, I’m done updating this post; what you see is what you get.)
Our Men & Women in Uniform
Baghdaddy reports: “There is such celebrating among the general population, that the spirit of Baghdad has changed to one of jubilation…. The celebratory fire, and the smiles on everyones faces is reminisent of the victory scene at the end of Return of The Jedi, when the Death Star was destroyed signifying the end of the Empire.”
Boots on the Ground predicts: “The Iraqi people won’t be afraid anymore, I think they’ll finally stand up and fight against the Fedayeen. This is definitely a serious blow to the terrorists morale. I doubt the terrorism will stop, but it will make an impact on how they think. I think the Iraqis will also be more bold in helping to put a stop to the terrorists and Fedayeen.”
Hardtack and Havok: “TO THE TYRANT NEVER YIELD”
Mudville Gazzette:: “[G]et ready, for the next time a US Soldier dies over there a media storm of “we’ve lost the war” coverage will exceed all previous attempts. It will “prove” that all Iraqis hate us, not just Saddam.”
Trying to Grok: “I’m off to bake a “Suck it, Saddam” cake, as I promised in August. Photos to come…”
Blackfive: “I am so proud of our soldiers. 600 soldiers went in to capture a man who is responsible for the terrorist attacks on our troops, the deaths of their friends and comrades. They captured him without a shot.”
Chief Wiggle’s reaction is short, simple, and echoes my own.
Thanks to Citizen Smash for the use of his blogroll, who has now weighed in himself, desribing a conversation he had with an Iraqi while he was deployed:

“A few months ago in Kuwait, a local man shared his thoughts on the subject. “When you get Saddam,” he told me, “you give him to us.”
“We know what to do.”

Argghhh!!!: “And the saddest part of this all, aside from the cost to the Iraqi people, is that the first thought of the Dwarfs was: “Oh shit, how the hell can we spin this?””
Warbloggers & Fellow Travellers
The Command Post is all over the established media.
Jeff Jarvis is focusing on Iraqi blogger’s reactions (good idea)!
Amish Tech Support: “For the Queen to use… doo-doot doo-doot doo-doot doot-doot-doo-doo…”
Winds of Change: “Saddam Hussein ain’t comin’ back. And he’d better get used to that disheveled look.”
On the Third Hand: “Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaw!”
Meryl Yourish: “Crack your best bottle tonight and drink a toast to our armed forces.” But wait! Meryl has more.
Jane Galt is ahead of the curve and has actual analysis already: “Now the question is “What should we do with him?” The answer, of course, is “try him”. We want Saddaam to be seen as a criminal, not a martyr, not a victim of overweening US power…”
Wizbang: “This makes me glad I woke up early this morning…”
Dean Esmay: “We got him. Yeah. Good morning. So why don’t you tell me why this is so cool?”
Oxblog: “PREDICTION: Guerilla attacks will intensify for about a month before they start melting away.”
Acidman: “The “Butcher of Bahgdad” proved to be a complete coward in the end. The man who murdered hundreds of thousands of people when he was in power was found hiding in a “spider-hole” and resembling a complete wretch as he burrowed like a rat in the dirt.”
!Insta: “Hmm. Let’s ask him about the Atta thing, and see how cooperative he really is.”
Pejman: “…when captured, he looked scraggly, dirty and pathetic. Thus the appearance. Thus the man. How fitting that he should be brought so low.”
Blogs for Bush has another roundup of blogosphere reaction similar to this one.
PseudoPsalms sings a little Michael Jackson (!!!) and says “How sweet it is.”
Alilison Kaplan Sommer: “Now they just showed the video — the hole in the ground in the Tikrit basement where Saddam was hidden, and the pictures of Saddam himself being examined by a doctor. His beard is big and bushy and about three-quarters white and the rest black. He kind of looks like a scary anti-Santa Claus from hell. ”
The Commissar: “So Militaristic Hegemons have captured glorious Comrade Saddam. Great man had grown beard. Had $750,000. Hiding in hole in house near Tikrit…Religious comrades may say prayer for Saddam, and for Howard Dean.”
Captain’s Quarters says “This should put a stop or at least severely dampen the “insurgency” in Iraq. Without Saddam as either the symbolic or operational head to their efforts, and with the vast majority of Iraqis opposing the actions of the Fedayeen, it should be rather easy to roll up the rest of their operation.” and has more coverage.
Jessica’s Well: “Even Qusay’s 14 year-old son went out fighting in a hail of gunfire, but the modern Saladin goes down without firing a shot. ”
Poliblog: “…the argument prior to today that it was a good thing that Saddam was out of power was hardly changing the views of those oppossed to the war in the first place. Indeed, when that point is raised, it is typically dismissed as “sure, it’s a good thing, but was it worth it?” and I don’t think that Saddam’s capture will change that response very much by the vast majority of people who were supporting Dean prior to today.”
For my own take on the news, I have a very simple question for those who opposed this war as illegitimate and illegal.
Patio Pundit: “I turned on the TV to watch Face the Nation but couldn’t figure out why Dan Rather was guest hosting….HEY….that guy looks like…”
Hippercritical: “We rejoice with you brothers! This is not the end. It is just the beginning!!”
IMAO: “Consolations to the press and to the Democrats. I guess you can use the line, “Well, you still don’t have Osama!” but I’m not sure how well that will go over (I’d probably punch you).”
Evangelical Outpost: “If anyone wonders why liberals are not taking seriously when it comes to foreign policy one has to look no further than their pessimistic attitudes towards Saddam