Showcase Winners

OK folks, here’s where we are at on the Showcase.
is hereran uncontested in the non-political category, so they clearly are a winner.
In the political category, even my best estimate at this point is despite the vote issues, American Amnesia is the leader, and so I’m declaring them the winner in this category.
As for the alliances contest, that’s the tough one. It was a close race on Monday, and remains close today — and clearly some votes are still not being properly counted. And although it will satisfy no-one, I think the best thing to do for this week, given the current state, is not declare a sponsor winner at all. Consider it a tie between the Liberal Coalition and The Alliance of Free Blogs, if you like. But for this past week, no official winner.
Sorry again for all the headaches; as I indicated earlier, there will be no contest for at least next week, and we’ll pick up again when I have a chance to get things back in a more orderly state.