Andrew and David

I’m not one of those who regularly heap scorn on Andrew Sullivan for his various failings; I actually think he’s a good writer and an consistently entertaining blogger.
But I can’t help noting that Andrew’s intellectual flexibility seems to continually bring him nothing but heartache. Let’s face it: the man has got a serious jones for abusive relationships.
First and most famously, he’s a gay man in the Catholic Church. If that isn’t asking to be kicked around, I don’t know what is.
And now, Andrew is shocked — shocked! — to learn that W. Bush is, in fact, a social conservative who doesn’t approve of gay marriage.
Andrew, not to be harsh, but, er, what was your first clue?
Honestly, some men just seem to have a masochistic streak in them — looking for that special relationship to which they can devote their heart and get a few good beatings in return.
So I have to ask: look past the physical appearances, and tell me: could they be separated at birth?