Dead Man Walkin’

So yesterday, Kerry slams the Swifties. Result: The media swarms over his comments, as evidenced by 900-point jump on the Swift Boat Meter.
Today, he’s decided to file a FEC complaint against Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the Bush-Cheney campaign. Result: The Swifties are now the lead story on
How’s this all working out for you, John?
And now, the Swifties are striking again — harder — with a second ad, which commits the horrible slur of actually letting John Kerry speak for himself. In response, the Kerry campaign released a statement that proves that it is actually possible to sputter impotently in a press release.
I said it before, and I’ll say it again: it is over. The head has been cut off the Kerry candidacy; the body just hasn’t realized it yet.
Also: You would think, given that Kerry is suddenly excited about following the letter of campaign finance law, that somebody in the mainstream press would ask him why he’s got such a miserable compliance rate on his own campaign’s contribution disclosure.