Liveblogging: Oh alright.

George W. Bush: The Main Event
11:13: And that’s all, folks. Overall, a deeply erratic speech. When Bush spoke about security and terrorism, he showed vision, and sincerity, and absolutely rocked. But the middle section on domestic issues was horrible; a simple laundry list of promises and pork, much of which he promised four years ago and hasn’t delivered. Overall, I’d give it a B+. And I need more beer.
11:12: Ooooh, who was that cute redhead they just showed?
11:11: “This young century will be liberty century”. Sorry, but that one just fell flat, even with the convention audience. Love the sentiment, but a lame line.
11:07: Wow, we’re suddenly watching Last Comic Standing! And even more shocking, Bush has actually got the lines! “People sometimes have to correct my English. I knew I had a problem when Arnold Schwarzenegger did it.” Beautiful.
11:05: “Even when we don’t agree, at least you know what I believe and where I stand.” Nice.
11:00: This is the core of it, and why I support Bush. We are at a point where realpolitik and morality intersect and overlap: where it truly is in America’s best interest to ensure democracy and freedom is spread across the world. This is where Bush shines, and why I support him.
11:00: My helpful commenters point out that the “four more years” chants are to drown out liberal hecklers. Got it now. Give me a break, I’m typin’ a bit fast here (and drinking even faster).
10:59: America is “The greatest force for good on this earth.” Guaranteed to make some cringe, but I think it’s a good one. If you don’t agree with that statement, don’t vote for Bush.
10:57: Another direct slam, on Kerry’s sneer that those who supported the Iraq war were bribed/coerced. Bush says they are: “Allies that deserve the respect of all Americans, not the scorn of a politican.” Now that was a good line, both in substance and in delivery. We’re getting back on track here.
10:55: Wow. Direct attack on Kerry on the $87B vote for funding the war. Interesting choice, but I think a good one. “When pressed, he said it was a complicated matter. There’s nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat.”
10:48: Nice segment on the decision to attack Iraq. “… or do I take the word of a madman? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time.”
10:48: I am awestruck by the stupidity of the delegates who think it is a good idea to interrupt their candidate’s speech by chanting “four more years”.
10:46: Back on terrorism. Safe ground! Thank heavens.
10:44: Beer output accomplished, additional input procured.
10:40: “The unborn child”? Abortion!??!?!?!? You’re bringing up abortion? Have you fallen off the wagon, you stupid Texan? Are you high? Are you high right now?
10:40: I’d estimate that Bush looses about .01 in the polls for every minute those idiots chant “four more years”.
10:39: Shit. Zero more beer to input, and there needs to be some beer output shortly.
10:38: “He’s proposed more than two trillion in spending so far, and that’s a lot even for a Senator from Massachusetts.” Ok, that was nice.
10:37: George seems extremely pleased with himself to have a web page. Maybe we should get him up on LiveJournal?
10:36: Note to self: be careful to turn off snark when responding to coworkers IMing at the same time liveblogging political events.
10:35: “The soft bigotry of low expecations”. Hey, that’s line! Well, kinda.
10:30: This isn’t a vision, it’s a laundry list. And it’s not even a very good laundry list .
10:25: Is it suddenly Spring? Did I miss seven months? Am I watching the State of the Union, or a convention speech?
10:24:OK, this speech blows. Tell me a story, damnit. I don’t give a shit that 2/3 of mothers now work outside the home.
10:22: “Restraining Federal spending”? He said that with a straight face, too. Spoons, call your office.
10:21: So far, Bush is getting his butt kicked by Pataki, for crissakes. Not a single money-line yet in this slog.
10:19: I need more beer.
10:18: By the way, I hope all the liberal bloggers/commenters are paying attention. Did I forget to mention that I’ve never liked Bush very much, and that his speechifyin’ drives me bugshit? Mine is a loyalty of policy, not of personality…
10:17: Oh dear. “Nothing will hold us back” is the theme? Please no.
10:16: “Tonight I will tell you where I stand”. Yes, please! Get on with it. And by the love of god, shoosh the 4-more-years chanting idiots.
10:15: This is going nowhere. Pick up the pace, George.
10:14: A Cheney tribute? This is not looking good. Oh, nevermind. Thanking the wife too. Although on second thought, I’m not so sure if I was Laura I’d be too thrilled about being lumped in with Dick.
10:12: So far, I’m not with the vibe. The valley is in our view? Huh?
10:11: Yes Stephen, I’m drinking.
10:10: He’s letting the applause / chanting go on too long, if ya ask me.
10:08: Not sure about the tie.
George W. Bush: The Clip Show
10:05: Isn’t using “Amazing Grace” in a campaign ad a violation of McCain-Feingold? Kinda the rhetorical equivalent of WMDs…
10:04: What the hell is with all the sirens in the background? A bit much, isn’t it?
10:03: Firefighters! Everybody loves firefighters. (Wonkette, call your office…)
10:01: Hey, isn’t that the guy with Alec Baldwin in Red October?
“Son, Roooski’s don’t take a dump without a plan…”
Mission Accomplished: Additional beer retrieved. Anderson Valley IPA, if you were curious, which is ex-cellent. And with this damned jump-jive crap music, I’m glad I have it…
Governor Pataki
9:55: Unlike Stephen, I foolishly haven’t had dinner yet. Severe tactical error. But I am going to get another beer, and Bush can damned well wait.
9:52 : On deposing Saddam: “Some people have called this an abuse of power. I call it progress.”
9:47: On Kerry’s positions: “This is a candidate who has to Google his own name to find out where he stands!” Quote of the convention thus far.
9:46: I hate these little “And he did” chant-with-the-speaker bits. But maybe I need more beer.
9:44:On comparing Kerry’s record to “That way they’ll be able to see the difference, which is that President Bush has a record of achievement.” Ouch.
9:42: Pataki’s material is good, but his cheery delivery on the 9/11 stuff is creeping me out.
All times GOP-local-time. All quotes are approximate, best-efforts based on live typescription; your mileage may vary.