I don’t like him when he’s angry, either.

Kerry Hulk Update: “Unless it not smashing at right time. Then KERRY HULK NOT SMASH PUNY BUSH!!!
Kerry Hulk Update Some More: “When Kerry Hulk say Kerry Hulk smash, Kerry Hulk mean Kerry Hulk should have authority to smash. Actually smashing was not what Kerry Hulk meant at all.”
Kerry Hulk Again Updating: “Unless Kerry Hulk allies approve. Kerry Hulk need allies for smashing. If Kerry Hulk allies approve, then Kerry Hulk smash.”
Kerry Hulk Getting Tired of Updates: “But not these allies. Those allies bad. Not good enough to approve smashing. Not like these allies. Those allies good. If those allies say Smash, then KERRY HULK SMASH!!!
*In other Hulk-related news, Real Hulk doesn’t care much for Real Kerry’s foreign policy solutions