Ecosystem Enhancements: The Continuing Saga

Continued gradual progress on the debugging. Here’s what’s-what this morning:
– The history graphs are working just fine, and I got at least a partial scan completed last night, so you’ll see some updated data.
– The ‘Top 10 posts’ feature appears to be working fine
– The ‘Links by Source’ is not fully operational; what I’ve found is that the method I was using to sort the results in descending order of the source blog’s rank was hosing performance. So I’ve disabled the sort, but as a result, you’ll now see 25 source blogs listed, but not necessarily the 25 highest-ranked. I’m investigating other options for sorting.
I’m fairly hopeful that with the current implemenetation, we shouldn’t see any performance lockups. If you do see any performance issues (or the Details page fails to display with an error), please let me know…