Ecosystem Enhancements: Pretty Stable, Actually

Well, I think I’ve got the code pretty well stabilized. At the moment, the history graphs, ‘top 10 posts’, and ‘links by source’ are all 100% functional, and have been tweaked to perform reasonably well.
Minor caveat: there is at least one known bug where certain blog’s titles which include special characters are munging up some of the tree displays. I need to hunt this down and swat it, but I think it’s currently only affecting a few blogs.
My next focus is tuning and improving the accuracy and consistency of the actual scans themselves, and data cleanup on the overall database. I know that some blogs aren’t seeing their history get updated properly (some end around 9/24), so I’ll be investigating that.
On the subject of data cleanup: I am about to implement a new ‘self-service’ interface which will allow bloggers to notify the Ecosystem that their URL has moved. The way this will work will be to place a short, predefined HTML META tag on the ‘old’ blog pointing to the new one. The Ecosystem will read the tag and update the blog’s URL in the database. This guarantees that only a blog’s owner can make a change, and also removes the most falliable, slow link from the existing self-service process — me!
So, to that end: I need some volunteers! If you have moved your weblog and your ‘old’ URL is still being tracked by the Ecosystem and you’d be willing to help me test this new mechanism, me a line. Thanks!