Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

src=”http://www.truthlaidbear.com/pkw.jpg” align=”right”>There are many serious issues which face us now. Fanatics threaten civilization across the globe. A war rages, while some refuse to even acknowledge that anything more than more thorough police action is necessary. And we are confronted an election that, without exaggeration, may well decide the fate of our nation and of the world.
But sometimes, you just have to ignore reality, and indulge in some fantasy.
Tonight, the Sci-Fi channel will broadcast Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Farscape ran four seasons on Sci-Fi before being abruptly cancelled, with the heroes of the story in, to put it mildly, a deeply unsatisfatory situation.
After tremendous fan efforts, led by the folks at SaveFarscape.com, the show has been resurrected with a four-hour miniseries, the first part of which will be shown tonight.
I came late to Farscape. I never watched during its original broadcast run, and dismissed it out of hand the first time I viewed it. But I gave it a second chance, and I am very, very glad I did. Four seasons worth of Netflix DVDs later, I’ve seen every episode, and I’m grateful that tonight, the characters I’ve grown to love will begin their final journey to a proper ending.
And so, The Truth Laid Bear belongs to Farscape today. If you wish to induldge a simple bear: spread the word. Tune in tonight.
“Look upward. And share the wonders I’ve seen.”