Waiting for Kos: Kerry’s UN Meetings Not So “Easy” to Prove After All?

On Sunday, I Markos Moulitsas’ defense of Kerry’s imaginary meeting with the entire U.N. Security Council on Iraq, where he quite firmly declared:
But there is a punchline — The story is wrong. Kerry did meet with everyone… I know I haven’t sourced the assertion that Kerry met with everyone. When we see the story, with the names of the ambassadors who claim not to have met with Kerry, then it’ll be easy enough to refute the allegations.
So it seems only reasonable that I should respond to his post providing the very refutation that was promised.
Well, I would. Except over two days later, there isn’t one.
Not a single post or main-page update on the subject since Sunday night, in fact.
Hmph. Perhaps not so “easy” after all?
Or perhaps the tiny-yet-boastful acorn that is Kos falls not far from the mighty oak of Kerry’s self-aggrandizing tree?