NYT Will Correct Kos Daily Visitors Error

Last Thursday, The New York Times published weblog story which included the following statement:
“A recent posting on DailyKos, a liberal Web site visited by more than 500,000 people daily, according to blog rankings posted on a site called The Truth Laid Bear…”
Friday, I contacted the Times requesting a correction, as the quote misrepresents what the SiteMeter “daily visits” tracked on my listing really means. But as the exchange I posted showed, I was unable to convince Bill Borders of the Times that a correction was needed.
After Glenn, Jeff, and Bill posted on the matter, I forwarded their comments to Bill and to the NYT’s Public Editor, Daniel Okrent.
And finally, yesterday: results! Bill Borders replied once again, and said: “I finally got an explanation that I understand, from the research director of the New York Times Web site, and now — belatedly — I see the point you were making. So I think now that we probably DO need a correction. Thanks for your patience. ”
So keep an eye on the Corrections page, and credit the Times for being willing to learn; albeit a bit slowly.
Update: The correction has been published.