CNN Gives Nader a Sympathy Point

Anybody notice that CNN is giving Nader sympathy percentage point in their final tally of results?
The exact stats are:

Candidate Votes Percentage
Bush 59,459,765 51.34%
Kerry 55,949,407 48.31%
Nader 400,706 0.35%

But CNN presents them rounded as:

Candidate Votes Percentage
Bush 59,459,765 51%
Kerry 55,949,407 48%
Nader 400,706 1%

If Nader’s 0.35% rounds to 1%, why doesn’t Bush’s 51.34% round to 52%? Did somebody make .345 the mathematically accepted cutoff point for rounding-up while I wasn’t paying attention?
PS: Yes, I know this isn’t a big deal. I’m taking it easy this week. But a bear has to stay in practice…