Shoot Things! Blow Stuff Up!

Unsure what to get the teenagers on your Christmas list?
The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility is here to help, with their list of the top worst violent videogames:
As the holiday shopping season begins, we come together as citizens, consumers and investors concerned about the marketing of a culture of violence in a season where “peace and goodwill toward all” are principal themes. We are especially concerned about the marketing of violent entertainment, particularly violent video games, to children…
We are hopeful that with increased awareness and the empowerment of citizens, consumers and investors, the marketing of violence will decrease and the video game industry will be held accountable to create a positive system for people to enjoy age-appropriate video games.

Is there anyone who truly believes that pretending to shoot things and blow stuff up is not “age-appropriate” for teenage boys? (And not-quite-middle-aged polar bears, for that matter).
But enough talk! The list:
1. Doom 3
2. Grand Theft Auto: