TCS Column: We Have Met The Enemy, and They Will Be Us

I’m pleased to report that first Tech Central Station column is now up over at TCS. I discuss the increasingly blurred border between blogs and traditional media:
These days, enjoyable sport can be had observing the ongoing battle royale between the staid defenders of traditional journalism on the one side, and the young punks known as bloggers on the other..
Look closer at the two sides, however, and you’ll find that there’s far more crossbreeding going on between these particular Capulets and Montagues than you might expect from all the hue and cry. The reality is that the line between “blogger” and “journalist” — and between “amateur” and “pro” — is already extremely fuzzy. And if you think things are blurred now: well, just wait a little while longer, because soon enough, things are going to start to really get interesting.