SoA Challenge Wrap-Up

Well, I haven’t seen an ‘official’ announcement, but I believe the of America Friends of Iraq challenge is now complete.
As of this morning, the TTLB EcoTeam raised $1,687 for SoA, which put us in the #4 slot out of 23 teams competing — not bad for a bunch of insignificant microbes!
We have to extend congratulations to the three teams that surpassed us: Team Pajamahdeen was lagging for a long while and then blew our doors off in the last few days to end with $5,035; Castle Argghhh’s Fighting Fusileers for Freedom finished with $6,560; and those blasted Northern Alliance chaps blew the curve for everybody by bringing in a whopping $12,095. Fine work by all!
And as for the TTLB EcoTeam, let me extend my thanks and gratitude one more time to all the bloggers who joined the team and promoted the effort, and to everyone who donated. As time passes and I get to know Spirit of America’s work more and more, I only find myself growing even more enthusiastic for their cause. We’ve done good, folks!
And so for one more moment of glory, I present the TTLB EcoTeam:
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Adrian Warnock
Cao’s Blog
Mark A. Kilmer
Rebel Rouser
Broken Masterpieces
Feste…a foolsblog
One Year Bible Blog
Pillage Idiot
The Liberal Coalition
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Intermittent Stream
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