Kerry Releases Records. Sort Of.

The Boston Globe’s Michael Kranish today that the Globe has obtained John Kerry’s “full military and medical records”, but that there is a “lack of any substantive new material about Kerry’s military career in the documents.” Michelle is roundup central and Tom Maguire provides his take.
I have a few questions — not for Kerry, but for the Globe:
1) Why hasn’t the Globe posted the full set of documents on its web site? Was there a condition on their release that they not be published in their entirety?
2) If there was a condition on their release, why isn’t that disclosed in the piece?
Kranish’s story seems like an utterly useless piece of non-journalism when viewed through the spectrum of blogger standards. The original materials exist, they are the primary (the only) relevant information conveyed by the story — but the Globe won’t let us see them. No need for you to read for yourselves, ignorant masses, we’ll just tell you what’s in them so you don’t need to worry your pretty little heads.
Unless, of course, the Globe is prohibited from this disclosure in some way, in which case they should disclose that. (And if that is the case: just how hard did the Globe argue with Kerry’s team that they should be allowed to publish the documents — and thereby invalidate their exclusive? Color me skeptical.)
Either way, this seems like the worst sort of MSM paternalism…
Update: Beldar is thinking the same thing I am