Where are the liberals?

We’re almost a week into the new launch, and one question I’ve heard asked (yes, I’m looking at you, Lisa) is “where are the liberal communities”?
We’ve got the Brotherhood; we’ve got the Raging RINOs. As of last night, we’ve even got Gunbloggers. But specifically liberal-focused communities? I got nuthin’.
It is not for lack of trying on my part. I sent my announcement post to several of the most prominent liberal bloggers, and it appears to have landed with a solid ‘thud’ in their virtual circular file. Similarly, I reached out to the Liberal Coalition, which I’ve supported over the years through the old TTLB’s ‘Alliance’ functionality, with a similar lack of effect.
It is my genuine goal to make TTLB a portal to all of the best in the blogosphere, not just the swath of it that tends to lean towards my own political views. So this is a genuine disappointment to me — but it is never too late. So if you consider yourself a leftie and have a good idea for a community: speak up!
But in the meantime: consider this a no-complaining zone for those who like to whinge about “lack of balance” in the blogosphere…
Update: Dawn Eden at the NY Daily News picked up on my call for leftie participation, and actually tracked down Kos himself to ask him what’s up with that.
It would have been cooler if she went all Michael Moore on him and showed up at his front door shoving a microphone in his face, demanding “Why are you repressing the Truth Laid Bear? What do you have to hide? Is it true you’re prejudiced against bears?”
But I suppose a polite email was a tad more professional…thanks, Dawn!