House Republicans & Bloggers

Congressional Republicans look like they are to get with the Porkbusters program, which is a good sign. And, they’re reaching out to bloggers, with a Capitol Hill blog row event planned for tomorrow:
For the first time ever, Bloggers are invited to meet directly with House Members and blog from the Capitol. Members will be stopping in throughout the day to meet with bloggers and discuss the House Republican record of successful economic policies, their commitment to fiscal responsibility, and the details of the historic proposed budget amendment that is expected to reach the floor later this week.
I got the invite, but being a left-coaster with a day job, won’t be able to make it. I also suggested to the organizers that they combine the in-person event with an open conference call (a speakerphone stuck in a corner of the room that Representatives could wander by would do) — they took this as a good suggestion, but the latest word is they don’t think it will be feasible for this week’s event.
So with both Glenn and myself not able to attend, it would be great if we could get some of those bloggers who are going to take advantage of this face-to-face opportunity to ask the Representatives about Porkbusters and what they’re willing to do to cut pork in their districts.
So if you’re planning on attending the event: please consider yourself a de facto Ambassador of the Porkbusters effort…!
Update: Matt Margolis has posted a contact form where you can submit questions you’d like bloggers to ask at the event.
Update Again: I’m going to set up a dedicated topic/community page for the event tomorrow which will show posts from those bloggers in attendance. If you are planning on attending, please let me know…