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class=”linktitle”>Saturday Specials (7 links)
Jo’s Cafe
1. Dumb crooks news.
2. Chatty bank robber.
3. Gum to replace toothbrush?
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Teach Your Children Well Open Post (7 links)
Something… and Half of Something
What happens when two regular boys named Tommy and Lou dream of starting a lemonade stand in order to earn enough to buy a swing set? Well, their dream goes quite well until liberals like Congresswoman Clunkton, Mayor Leach and Mr. Fussman attem

Brunch: 11/12/2003 (7 links)
basil’s blog
Try one of these specials with your breakfast:
Michelle Malkin (who were watching on Fox & Friends) says Its about time, Dubya!
Common Folk Using Common Sense agrees
Don Surber chimes in
Beth (MY VWRC) echoes m

Dean’s Dot.Com Bust & Open Post (7 links)
Don Surber
Call it the Dean.Com Bust. To the surprise of no blogger who encounters the lefty trolls on the Internet, the supporters of Howard Dean, M.D., have no money. Dean has led the Democrats into a position where