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Michelle Malkin
Got places to go, non-blog things to do, and kids’ noses to wipe this afternoon. Meantime, here are some good reads:
– Who’s behind the “Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools?” David Schaefer at
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THE END OF THE AFFAIR: Okay, so: There’s this docu… (7 links)
THE END OF THE AFFAIR: Okay, so: There’s this document, see? And it’s about what you gotta be to be a priest. (For example, apparently you can’t be a lesbian. Who knew?) And there are these articles that people write, be
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Picturing Polls, <em>Red</em> vs. <em>Blue</em> (7 links)
Gateway Pundit
Poll Numbers put in PicturesHere are recent poll numbers put into picture form of President George W. Bush’s
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