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class=”linktitle”>We Won (16 links)
AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
Regarding that Ford thing? We just won.
The Ford Motor Company today released the following letter (below) clarifying that whatever did or did not happen behind closed doors with the American Family Ass

Pursuing a Greener Planet at the Expense of Human Life (7 links)
They’ve been at it again. In Montreal, a bunch of politicians and activists just finished another round of negotiations among themselves about just how much of our freedom to take away in pursuit of a greener planet. That’s “green,” as in “envious”

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BIG TORTURE ROUNDUP: I'm in the process of giving my Administrative Law exam, so I guess it's a good time to address this topic again . . . . Writing over at Winds of Change, Tom Holsinger worries about that the McCain amendment will judic
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Celebration Fire (7 links)
Major K.
I was lying in the rack two nights ago talking to my lovely wife on my Iraqna cell phone and getting ready to say goodnight as I had to be awake again in about five hours. Just before I did…
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