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class=”linktitle”>Did Martin orchestrate spat with Washing (11 links)
Stephen Taylor – Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
Kate and I have been investigating a tip that she received that suggests that Paul Martin did in fact orchestrate the recent fight between himself and the Bush administration. The proof may lie in the Liberal ads. Consider the following…
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LIAR (10 links)
Bush speech, April 20, 2004:Secondly, there are such things as roving wiretaps. Now, by the way, any time you hear

Strike Blogging: Wear Comfortable Shoes (9 links)
GOP and the City
Estimated daily cost of a strike to the city – $400,000,000
Average Salary for a Subway/Bus operator – $62,000
Starting Salary for a NYPD Police officer – $25,100
Trying to get support from a public that ma
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TWU Walks Out On New York (7 links)
Suitably Flip
It's on. After failing to come to a contract agreement with the MTA last night, the Transport Workers Union voted 28-10 to launch their illegal citywide strike on bus and subway lines today, disrupting the commutes of the 7 million New Yorkers
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