George W. Bush: Porkbuster!

From tonight’s SoTU:
“I am pleased that Members of Congress are working on earmark reform – because the Federal budget has too many special interest projects.”
From the team, I say: welcome aboard, Mr. President!
I’ll spare you the lecture on how cutting pork and limiting frivolous spending is a clear winner of an issue for Republicans (and a relatively painless way to earn back some fiscal-conservative credits that you’ve lost), as I’m sure Karl has already walked you through that. So let me just remind you that it is, indeed, the right thing to do, and an issue that I hope we’ll have your support on in the months to come.
Having the Presidential bully pulpit keeping Congressional feet to the fire on the need for earmark reform is a Very Good Thing — and one that I sincerely hope is not a This Night Only performance.