ttlb accounts: manage your own blogs!

Big news for those of you focused on your Ecosystem stats: as of right now, you can create your own personal TTLB user account, which will let you claim your blog and directly edit the URLs associated with it. No more waiting for me to get around to support requests: just log in, change whatever needs changing, and you’ll be good to go!
To get started, an account here. You can then simply go to your blog’s Ecosystem details page, select the ‘Claim this Blog’ link, and then have the ability to immediately change the blog’s URLs, or even disable it if it is an old, obsolete blog.
Once you have your account, the ‘My Blogs’ page (now linked up on the top header) will become your home base, from which you can edit your blogs, search for your blogs which you haven’t added yet, or add completely new blogs under your account.
This is brand new functionality, and so I’d appreciate feedback and comments. Bear with me if you encounter any hiccups, and be assured that the next month is going to be a fun one here at TTLB: this is just a small, small part of the goodies and enhancements coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned for much more!
– N.Z.