Bitter gun-clingers finally demonstrate usefulness to Obama administration


Scenes from the checkout line…

9 thoughts on “Bitter gun-clingers finally demonstrate usefulness to Obama administration”

  1. NOT a Mosin-Nagant. But it might be a left handed Carcano. (VERY rare.)

  2. more likely they pulled a “Billy the Kid” goof and got the photo backwards.

  3. They publisher reversed the photo, look at the buttons on the guys shirt….they are on the wrong side. The picture was cropped at the front barrel-band of the rifle, guns with mannlicher stocks normally have sight protectors on the front band. Other than that it looks like a stock Carcano rifle.

  4. Bloody Brits can’t even Photoshop a decent Hillbilly. Maybe I should just send my own picture, with my M4, tactical vest and Glock. No self respecting Hillbilly would have a bolt action!

  5. Finger on the trigger, and the hat doesn’t say NASCAR or NRA?

    Minus one point for safety violation, and minus fifteen points for reality FAIL!

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