Evil Lesbian UpdateIn his own

Evil Lesbian Update

In own comments section, Bennett has responded to my challenge as follows (I include my original questions, Bennett’s responses in quotes, and my own commentary)

1) Women who choose other women as sexual partners are more likely to inflict domestic abuse on their partners than heterosexual males.

Bennett: “See Violent Betrayal: Partner Abuse in Lesbian Relationships by Claire M. Renzetti. It reports that fully one-half of lesbian relationships are violent; the corresponding figure for straight relationships is around 1-3 percent, depending on how you define “violent.”

Okay, we have one source; it’s a start, I suppose. And it’s on Amazon, so it must be true.

In seriousness, though, I have not read Ms. Renzetti’s work so I can’t comment on it positively or negatively. I’d welcome feedback from any readers with additional information or opinions, certainly. But let the record show that Mr. Bennett has honorably provided us a source to investigate for this claim.

(Note: I replaced Bennett’s link to the $83.95 hardcover edition with a link to the nice cheap $29.95 paperback edition. Oh, and if you use my link you won’t be kicking back cash to Mr. Bennett, either, which I believe the original link would have).

2) Women who choose other women as sexual partners are more likely to suffer from the following potentially fatal diseases: X, Y, and Z. (I leave Bennett to fill in the blanks).

Bennett: “Life-span data is easy to come by, and it supports my other claims, which didn’t come out of thin air.”

Trust me, Richard, thin air isn’t where I thought they came out of. But I’m sorry, you get zero points for this answer: vague hand-waving that data is “easy to come by” doesn’t cut it.