BearPower Revealed!Following this TTLB exclusive

BearPower Revealed!

Following TTLB exclusive regarding Mr. Bennett’s hypocrisy with regard to matters linky, it appears that Bennett has quietly redesigned his right navbar to no longer separate out ‘pro’ journalists from bloggers (the very offense for which he castigated Virginia Postrel).

Coincidence? We think not; particularly since TTLB sent Mr. Bennett an email referring to the aforementioned post which he acknowledged receipt of.

Let the record also show that said navbar changes occurred without any public acknowledgement of TTLB’s comments (or links to the post on the matter), which, if I understand Bennett’s own standards correctly, makes him a bloghole.

TTLB is now flush with triumph, and we see near-endless possible uses for this newfound power to inflict site redesigns at will (which, we promise, will be used only for Good, not Evil). The dilemma is simply which to affect first. Should we convince CNN that five characters is too goddamned small to make a search dialog? Dissuade Ain’t It Cool News from vomiting up pop-up ads like a drunken sailor? Or simply convene an intervention with Jacob Weisberg to assure him that no, those slide-out ads that cover the whole page are not the coolest thing since Microsoft Bob ?

Possibilities, possibilities.

PS – I promise to leave Mr. Bennett alone for at least a little while (‘cept maybe responding to any follow-ups he might lob my way re: evil lesbians). I’m starting to go all Sullivan-Krugman-y on him, I know…