Additional info on allegedly unconstitutional judge

Sir Reynolds, being a gentleman as well as a scholar, indicated to me that he’d rather I blog my info on the case of Judge Patterson and he’ll link. So never one to refuse the InstaGuy, here it is, in slightly-less-edited-for-primetime form than usual (I’m low on time, so mostly just cutting & pasting from my email to Glenn):


OK Glenn, here’s some additional info. (This will definitely teach me to keep my big mouth shut… or at least, it *should*):

1) I found a more independent confirmation of some of the judge’s remarks. Still clearly partisan, but at least it’s not the actual parties to the case. ((I found this link via “End the War On Freedom“)

Interestingly, the substance of the judge’s remarks quoted are similar to the quote you found, but the language and phrasing are different.

2) To go for the even *less* objective source, I found Stanley’s Senate election campaign homepage, and in particular, the subpage he’s maintained on this
particular court case
. It includes a press release which appears to be the primary souce for the article you cited (it contains the exact quote you noted

3) Unfortunately, it sounds like a transcript of the court appearance in question won’t be available for some time; Stanley’s web site indicates they will post
it when it becomes available, but that it may not be on the web until August.

4) I’ve struck out on finding any more ‘objective’ sources… sorry. If I stumble across anything further I’ll certainly pass it on.

ANYWAY: My conclusion on this is I am a bit more convinced of the accusations against this judge; Stanley’s site makes some pretty compelling-looking
arguments. But I would still sure feel a lot better if I found a source *other* than one of the parties directly involved (or clearly biased to favor Stanley)
to document exactly what Judge Patterson said.