Sorry for the light blogging

Sorry for the light (in other words, nonexistent) updates this morning; probably won’t be much new until tonight. I just burned through my lunchtime blogging doing some additional research on the case of a judge in Denver who is alleged to have dissed the Constitution: believe it or not I’m just going to you over to Glenn’s site rather than repeating it here; I haven’t blogged the issue myself and I’ve sent all my info to InstaGuy. You’ll see an initial update with my skepticism on the quote, and probably another one will follow soon with the additional sources I dug up. (If you can’t stand the suspense: I remain skeptical of the quote as I can’t find a truly objective source to verify it, but am a bit more convinced than when I started out as Stanley (the accused in the case) appears to be making a fairly credible-looking argument against the judge…)