Where Do You Want To Blog Today?

Neat! Mickey’s a blogroll.
Since he’s also got permalinks now — sort of, you can use the daily links all the way down at the bottom of his page — I think we can now declare Microsoft Blog ready to ship as R1.0 — it now has almost as many features as its free competitors, even if the feature implementations are more annoying and less functional. Soon, we’ll all be MSBloggingTM and wondering how we ever survived using a blog tool that didn’t have the neat little paper-clip help icon that pops up every now and then to cheerfully inform us that we misspelled “idiotarian”, and that wouldn’t “cluefully challenged’ be a more sensitive phrase to use anyway? Sure, MSBlog will be DRM-hardwired to prevent deep-linking (to limit legal liability), but everything interesting is always on the front page anyway, right?
I still think we need a campaign to Free Mickey’s Prose … maybe I should offer to contribute $1 of every purchase from the TTLB Premium Store to a fund to buy his contract back from Bill….
Update: Lair gets it.