Nevermind that morality stuff, actually, we think killing children is a “Heroic” Tactic

Hey. I missed one on Monday from GlobalNewsWatch (which if you’re not reading regularly, you should be): is reporting that 150 Palestinian intellectuals have signed a petition denouncing an earlier petition by other Palestinian intellectuals. The document condones suicide bombing and calls for the destruction of Israel.
See Howard’s site for the details. I’ve started to grow numb to this kind of murderously sucicidal stupidity from certain parts of the Palestinian world, but I try to remind myself to notice anyway, if only to do my small part to ensure that the rest of the planet has the opportunity to see reality as it is. I can take no responsibility for whether anyone accepts that reality or clings to convenient (and often more pleasant) delusions that all that is needed is more negotiation, more communication, and better understanding between peoples and it will All Be OK.
Would that it would be so…