Republicans of Georgia: Thanks!

Well, the Younger is out, even if McKinney the Elder still has a chance to save his anti-Semitic hide in a runoff.
I’m struck by the whole Republican crossover vote issue in this election. CNN quotes McKinney in her concession as saying:
“Tonight we saw massive Republican crossover into the Democratic primary, and it looks like the Republicans wanted to beat me more than the Democrats wanted to keep me,”
The interesting thing to me here is that traditionally, “abuse” of the ability to cross-over and vote in the other guy’s primary is generally intended to ensure that the weaker candidate wins — so then your party’s candidate can defeat them easily in the election.
In this case, Republican cross-over voters actually seem to have voted their conscience, and did the country a service while doing so.
I’m sure the Republican candidate will have a harder election battle ahead of them because of this. But it, will, we can hope, be a battle based on issues — or at least, more so than it would have been if I-haven’t-been-kidnapped-by-aliens-but-my-brain-has Ms. McKinney were still in the race.
I think all we can say to the Republicans of the 4th District of Georgia is “Thanks.” And let us remember that occasionally, once in a while, if you look long and hard enough, you can find honor in American politics.