Blogging Youth Unite!

The Review pointed me to Sibo Lin, a high school senior with his own blog.
I was a bit of a online juvenille delinquent back in the day myself, so I checked it out, and indeed Sibo’s got some interesting stuff. It helps that he’s a student at Signature School, a charter school in Indiana, and so has some ready-made good topics close at hand. Check out his righteous Fisking of the public-school official who ‘s attempting to blame his budget problems on the charter school.
So first: welcome to the neighborhood, Sibo!
And second: this sparked my interest in the Blogger Youth movement, if there is such a thing. (Yeah, I’m getting all nostalgic again, sue me). Anybody care to point at other young bloggers? For my purposes, no purely personal blogs, please — nothing wrong with ’em, they’re just not my cup of tea. I’m looking for youngsters who are actually addressing issues — any issues — of some kind.
And by the way: if you’re a young lad or lass reading this right now, and you don’t have a blog yet, it is not too late. Go sign up at BlogSpot, show me at least two or three solid posts, and I’ll link to you. Yes, I am attempting to disturb the system I am measuring, thank you very much.
Hmmm… there might be a TTLB prize in this somewhere for the youngest polito-blogger out there, but we’ll see…