A Lazy Bastard Bear

Ah, fanmail! One of the joys of blogging:
Listen here, you’re a lazy bastard for not updating that Blogosphere on a regular basis. If you start something like that, keep it updated!
A lot of the bloggers out there are pining away for a move up your ladder. Of course, by the time you get around to updating the list, all their best posts with the most links are gone!
[Name withheld in a inexplicable moment of courtesy]

Somebody’s grumpy that they’re not getting their ice cream on time, I see.
Well, all I can suggest is this:
1) Go read the Myelin Ecosystem. Phillip, being a non-lazy bastard, updates every single day. And his routine does a bunch of other stuff mine never did. Yes, no cutesy categories — but if you’re suffering withdrawl, print out the category names, tape them in the appropriate spots down the side of your monitor, and it’ll be almost the same.
2) Coming rather soon (perhaps Monday?) you’ll all see the start — not the finished product, but the start — of the project that is one of the major reasons why the Ecosystem isn’t getting updated. And if it is successful, I can quite comfortably assure you it will make the usefulness/amusement factor of the Ecosystem pale in comparison. Hint hint hint.
Hmmm. Now that I think of it, those aren’t the only suggestions I could provide for the gentleman, but I’ll be nice and assume his message was meant in the spirit of gentle fun and admiration… where did I put those rose colored glasses….