TTLB Predicts: Democrats “Work To Rule” on Iraq Debate

Brief thought to get in my “you-heard-it-hear-first” claim.
At long last, the Democrats have finally decided on their approach to the war question — at least for now. And they’ve decided they are going to have a work-to-rule strike.
There’s news floating around today that apparently, we haven’t had a formal intelligence review of Iraq’s WMD capabilities in two years.
In response to Bush’s U.N. speech, I heard a Democratic Senator raising this as an issue, and basically saying that we couldn’t really start the (Congressional) debate until that review was completed.
I predict you’ll hear more of this from the Democrats in the coming days. I have this gut feeling that they somehow think that they can be seen as reasonable and prudent by focusing on the legalistic aspects of this debate, rather than the substance. I also predict it will only last about a week, when they realize its a dead loser of an approach.
One other thought: I hear people talking about Bush’s speech today and saying that there was no “smoking gun”. They want to see the “smoking gun”.
My fear is that the only thing that will truly satisfy those who oppose action is a smoking crater, where an American city once stood.