God Bless America

Sure, they’ve utterly failed to create a viable political party, but the aren’t all bad:

Introducing the North Carolina
Ladies of Liberty!

Their turn-ons are long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and free-market economies. Yes, the Libertarian party has some righteous BABES! Meet them in the calendar:
Rachel, Tina, Ann, Renee, Barbara, Tara, Jennifer, Sherry, Gail, Amanda, Ingrid and Treann

Thanks to CNN’s Crossfire for the link; apparently Ms. Rachel Mills (the Libertarian candidate who is selling the calendars, and, indeed, is pictured within them) will be on the show tonight.
The Crossfire program page asks: “Is becoming a political pin-up the best way to earn campaign cash?”
Well, for Ms. Mills, looks like it might be viable. It’s a darned good thing Janet Reno didn’t try it though…