Iraq Timeline Blog?

Folks –
I’ve been accused of being an idea bear, and here I go with another one. But I’m not at all convinced I’ve got the time to deal with it myself, so I’m throwing it open for feedback and volunteers.
I’d like to see an Iraq Timeline blog, set up something like this:
– Each day the editor posts a brief paragraph summarizing key events in the conflict.
– The day’s post is then made available for TrackBack pings
– Any blogger who is TrackBack-enabled and is writing on Iraq that day can ping the day’s post
– Ideally, the editor(s) could also then sweep the blogs and manually add links to non-Trackback-enabled bloggers (and could also get them sent to them via email)
I’m picturing a very simple layout; something that looks literally like a timeline. Just the date, a brief summary paragraph, and then a list of links for each day’s entry. I think it would be a very useful tool both in the coming days — to be able to quickly review the Blogosphere’s reactions to the latest events — and, frankly, as a historical record years from now.
Anyway, I’ve got way too much going on, so I don’t think I can drive this. But I’m asking folks to:
a) Tell me if they find this interesting
b) Tell me if they would be willing to participate by either regularly pinging such a blog or sending their links via email
c) Tell me if they’d be willing to help out as an ‘editor’ if I set up such a page
d) Tell me if they’d be interested in driving the whole darned thing on their own blog
And oh, Michele: in answer to question: I think we’re going to war. And it is not a good thing. But it is less bad than all the other alternatives I can see.