Ecosystem now polls

I’ve been using the sidebar for quite some time as my primary method of keeping track of updates to my favorite weblogs. It’s a great tool: you can define your list of favorites, and it then provides them in a list sorted by the date/time of their last update in your sidebar. (They also have a similar tool for Internet Explorer). aggregates update data from multiple sources, including and Blogger, so it’s pretty comprehensive.
Anyway, I finally realized that it wouldn’t be too hard to integrate the Ecosystem with their data feed: so I did. The Ecosystem is now polling once every hour at the bottom of the hour, and marking updated blogs with a little red *. (Note that the actual link data is still only being collected once a day).
It seems to be working properly, but please let me know as always if you notice any odd behavior.
Also: I did some serious data cleanup today, deleting over 100 duplicate blogs. Surprisingly, this caused more shifts in the rankings that I expected. It seems legitimate, but I’ll be keeping an eye over the next few days to make sure I didn’t wonk something out of whack…