Hosting Matters Support: AWOL

I’ve been quite happy with Matters since I moved TTLB here a few months back. But I’m a little less impressed with them this morning: my shell access has been disabled to TTLB’s server, which means I can’t test some new Ecosystem stuff I had planned to work on today. I have a slight suspicion that HM might be getting irked at all the routines I’m running to support TTLB’s various features — but if that’s the case, an email would have been nice.
At any rate, now we’re in support-watch mode: I logged a ticket with their support site, priority High, at 6:38am PDT. It’s now six hours later, and no response at all. Not good.
I recognize Sunday is not a business day, but for me, it’s prime development time, so this is more than a bit annoying.
Updates to follow if and when I get a response…
Update: OK, I’m back up and running as of 6:38pm. However, it seems that HM actually implemented some security changes that broke one of the Ecosystem scripts. Ironically, it broke the very piece of code that I inserted to ensure that I don’t spawn unlimited processes while doing scans — causing the test run I just executed to go berzerk and spawn about 450 subprocesses. Sure is a good thing I was watching it, else I wouldn’t have been able to fix it. I’m still waiting to hear whether I missed an announcement on this particular change…