A final, first Heinlein novel

Well, is astounding news:
As of this writing, August 31, 2003, there are only about half a dozen people in the entire known universe who can accurately claim that they have read every novel Heinlein has written.
For those of us who thought there would never again be another new Heinlein novel, the impossible has become reality . “For Us, the Living,” is a brand new, never before published novel by Robert A. Heinlein. It is going into print now for the first time and will be in bookstores by the end of November, 2003.
“For Us, the Living” was written by Heinlein about 1938-9, before he wrote his first sf short, “Lifeline.” The novel, “For Us, the Living,” was deemed unpublishable, mainly for the racy content.

I find it difficult to discuss Heinlein without falling into superlatives; suffice it to say that yes, I’ve read just about everything he’s ever written (or so I had thought!), and yes, I borrowed many of my core moral and political beliefs from what I found in his work. To find that after so many years we have a fresh opportunity to hear one last tale from the old man is simply extraordinary.
Hat tip: Ambient Irony