Less of the free ice cream

Been a bit under the weather and a bit busy lately, hence not so much with the posty-posty. But I hope you’ll take the time to read my essay on ‘ Spectrum of Standards‘ for media (look left), which I’ve been working on this week…

Sorry Jim!

Treacher is to re-examine his coverage priorities after receiving a Dear-Jim letter from GoogleNews.
Personally, I have been thinking that he’s been spending a bit too much time blogging about President Taft, but I suppose it’s a matter of taste.

Election Night Timeline

Edison Media research has posted guide to covering Election Night, which includes the following handy listing of when polls close throughout the night and the corresponding electoral votes that will be decided at those times:
7:00 PM – 58 EVs
7:30 PM – 40 EVs
8:00 PM – 171 EVs
8:30 PM – 6 EVs
9:00 PM – 159 EVs
10:00 PM – 20 EVs
11:00 PM – 81 EVs
1:00 AM – 3 EVs
All times Eastern. Hat tip: The Corner
Update 11/2: For those coming from Edison Media Research, be sure to check out the TTLB Election Resource page, with links to a wide range of election-tracking resources which can be displayed as a sidebar in your Mozilla or IE browser.

The Choice!

America faces a choice next Tuesday. And Jeff Goldstein, Bill at INDC, and the Daily Recycler are to help you make it!

Fission is Hard!

Random question: why in the world does the International Atomic Energy Agency feel the need to have dedicated section for women?
Is it, like, where you go if you want to learn about the special female enriched uranium? Or are trying to avoid those nasty male fission reactions?
PS: Yes, I’m poking around the IAEA site. Never know what might turn up…

Spoons Endorses Bush!

How big a deal is the NYT explosives story scandal?
So big that it has gotten Spoons to declare voting for Bush! It’s the endorsement of the week! Now that he has sewed up the vital pissed-off-conservative- with-a-blog-named-after- silverware demographic, a Bush landslide is now assured!
Some guy named Andrew also endorsed today, but nobody really gives a damn who’s he’s voting for anymore…

F9/11 in Syria

has heard about Fahrenheit 9/11 being shown in Syria, and he’s not happy about it.
Nor should he be. Would be interesting to ‘follow the money’ on the showing; isn’t Syria under trade sanctions, the violation of which would be against U.S. law?

NZB’s Heroes Post: Coming Soon!

By the way: if you’re paying close attention, you might be thinking that there is an entry missing in the Heroes For Bush blogburst: mine!
It’s been a busier week than expected, and I’ve decided to hold off my own post until sometime on the weekend when my creative powers have returned, as opposed to cranking out something crappy now. So stay tuned!