Indigo Ocean Wins Showcase

Congratulations to Indigo at Indigo Ocean – Currents of Mind for winning this week’s Showcase!
Complete results are as follows:

Indigo Ocean – Currents of Mind: Buy Drugs, Get Deported
( 7 links)
Blogonaut: a white Republican guy who doesn’t get it
( 5 links)
How to Become a Hero: Trumpets and whispers
( 4 links)
What Nobody Else Knows: Does Violence Really Make Us Stronger?
( 4 links)
InfidelWorld: Tiger Cubs and Little Bears
( 3 links)
Have I got news for you: Not to be Alarmed!
( 3 links)
Backstage: The problem with live theatre
( 2 links)
Blog Thoughts on the designated hitter
( 2 links)
wee beautiful pict: crowds, ghosts and long chalk
( 2 links)
stylishcarp: Thursday Ramblings (Low-pressure Storms, Tortillas as Ballots, The Joys of Bugkilling, and Lefty Equ
( 1 links) What is it about Okinawa?
( 1 links)
America…Wake Up!: August 31 – while we were sleeping
( 0 links)